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Searches are case insensitive. "Homer" is the same as "hOMER" and "homer".

Wild card searches are automatic. So if you are searching for "I Flew in the Berlin Airlift!" entering any word in the title (eg. Berlin, Flew) will give you the title.
Date range is pretty self explanatory. However if you want to see what stories were published in April of 1955, just enter that date in the first date field and that is the only month the search will return results for.

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This would be the issue title or the title of a story in an issue.

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You can look for partial job numbers or a full job number. "J" would return all stories with a j(or J) in the job number.

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For items in a single month, just add values to the first date field. Make sure the first date is before the second or there will be no results.