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Creator Name
Ernie Bache
Swipe for more
Issue Cover Date
  cover The Patient Man
Ranger Law
The Getaway Gang

inks attributed
Outlaws Of The West 38 August 1962
  cover Brood of the Beast
inks unsigned
Reptisaurus 8 December 1962
  cover The Major of St. Lo!
inks unsigned
War Heroes 4 August 1963
  cover Die at Noon
inks signed
Wyatt Earp, Frontier Marshal 49 August 1963
  cover The Primitive Parallel
inks signed
Unusual Tales 41 September 1963
  cover The Men in the Moon
inks signed
Space Adventures (2nd - May 58) 53 September 1963
inks signed
Reptisaurus Special Edition 1 Summer 1963
  cover The Replacement
inks unsigned
Fightin' Marines 65 September 1965
  cover The Complete Action-Packed History... of the Korean War
pencils and inks signed
Marine War Heroes 13 April/May 1966
inks unsigned
Charlton Premiere 1 September 1967
pencils unsigned
Army War Heroes 24 March 1968
  cover The Maestro's Voice
The Magic Desk

pencils and inks unsigned
Strange Suspense Stories (3rd - Oct 67) 5 January 1969
  cover Honeycomb Hill
The Hidden Guns in the DMZ

inks unsigned
Fightin' Marines 83 January 1969
  cover Leave
Castle Death

inks unsigned
Army War Heroes 30 February 1969
inks unsigned
Attack! (4th - Sep 71) 24 October 1980