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Creator Name
Bill Fraccio
Swipe for more
Issue Cover Date
  cover The Supreme Man
The Day Electricity Vanished

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Strange Suspense Stories (2nd - Oct 55) 43 September 1959
  cover Unwanted World
The Machine Men of Mars
Fall Guy

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Outer Space 24 October 1959
  cover The Giant Mummy Who Was Not Dead!
pencils guess
Blue Beetle 1 June 1964
  cover Hot War in the Artic
pencils guess
Blue Beetle 2 September 1964
  cover The Indestructables
The High Level Visitor!

pencils guess
Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 45 February 1965
  cover King Midas!
pencils attributed
Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 47 July 1965
  cover The Fury of the War God
pencils attributed
Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 48 September 1965
  cover The Capture of the White Queen
pencils attributed
Blue Beetle 5 March/April 1965
  cover The Second Trojan War
pencils attributed
Son of Vulcan 50 January 1966
pencils unsigned
Hot Rod Racers 8 April/May 1966
  cover For the Girl Who has Everything
Onstage Kisses
Old Fashioned Girl

pencils attributed
I Love You 77 February 1969
  cover Teach Me About Love
Beaches & Blasters

pencils unsigned
Teen-Age Love 62 February 1969
  cover We're Not Too Young, Darling
Go-Go Girls

pencils attributed
Teen-Age Love 63 April 1969
  cover The Fall Guy
The Invaders Have His Number

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World of Wheels 30 February 1970
  cover Surge with the Surf King
White Angels verses the Hog Riders

pencils attributed
Surf 'N' Wheels 3 March 1970
pencils attributed
Abbott and Costello 14 April 1970