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Creator Name
Sal Trapani
Swipe for more
Issue Cover Date
inks attributed
Captain Gallant 2 January 1956
  cover The Superfighters
inks attributed
U.S. Air Force Comics 5 August 1959
inks attributed
Six Gun Heroes 54 November 1959
  cover Glamor Boy
The Captive
U.S.S. Swayback Maru

inks attributed
War At Sea 33 November 1959
  cover Derelict of Doom
Insatiable Monster Planet

inks unsigned
Space Adventures (2nd - May 58) 34 June 1960
  cover Journey Into the Mind
Pirates From Future Time

inks unsigned
Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds 20 September 1960
  cover Killers Guns!
inks attributed
Six Gun Heroes 60 December 1960
  cover Soldier Gone Wrong
The Independent G.I.

inks unsigned
Fightin' Army 42 July 1961
  cover Texas Wolf
inks attributed
Texas Rangers in Action 30 October 1961
  cover Outlaw Reign

inks attributed
Six Gun Heroes 65 October 1961
inks attributed
Romantic Story 57 October 1961
  cover The Hole-In-The-Wall Gang
inks attributed
Outlaws Of The West 34 November 1961
  cover The Monster of the Mountain
inks attributed
Billy the Kid 31 November 1961
  cover The Home for Happiness?
The Strange Case of Sammy
The Enemy

inks guess
Unusual Tales 31 December 1961
  cover The Guardian
Desk Pilot
He's Always There

inks attributed
Fightin' Air Force 30 December 1961
  cover Banzai
Observation Post
Goliath Had a Gun

inks attributed
Fightin' Army 44 December 1961
  cover A Boy for Cynthia
inks attributed
Love Diary 20 March 1962
  cover Mousey
inks attributed
Fightin' Air Force 31 March 1962