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Code Name
Scot Jackson

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Issue Cover Date
  cover The Flying Thingie!
The Hog Riders
Top Eliminator 25 September 1957
  cover Bonneville Bomb! Teenage Hotrodders 3 August 1963
  cover Race Against the Clock! Teenage Hotrodders 21 December 1966
  cover The Payoff
Melon Head
Teenage Hotrodders 23 May 1967
  cover Outlaw Trail
Melon Head
Drag-Strip Hotrodders 15 June 1967
  cover Long Black Line Top Eliminator 26 November 1967
  cover Scot Jackson Meets Dr. Nitro! Top Eliminator 27 January 1968
  cover Shut Down Top Eliminator 28 March 1968
  cover Slow Poke Top Eliminator 29 July 1968
  cover The Undertaker! Drag 'N' Wheels 31 November 1968
  cover The Mighty Modifiers Drag 'N' Wheels 38 December 1969
  cover Hairy Ride!
Circle of Fire
Drag 'N' Wheels 39 February 1970
  cover Red Light Drag 'N' Wheels 40 April 1970
  cover Long Skid! Drag 'N' Wheels 45 February 1971
  cover Back-Off Drag 'N' Wheels 46 April 1971
  cover Drama on the Dunes Drag 'N' Wheels 47 June 1971
  cover National Crash Championships! Drag 'N' Wheels 49 October 1971
  cover Out of Shape! Drag 'N' Wheels 50 December 1971
  cover Pro Stock Drag 'N' Wheels 56 November 1972