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Kid Montana

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Issue Cover Date
  cover Kid Montana 12 May 1958
  cover Kid Montana 15 November 1958
  cover Kid Montana 28 April 1961
  cover Kid Montana 31 October 1961
  cover The Ghost Riders
The Witness
Kid Montana 44 January 1964
  cover 1 Share of Murder Outlaws Of The West 48 May 1964
  cover The Hostage Kid Montana 47 August 1964
  cover Blood Feud Kid Montana 48 November 1964
  cover The Gentle Sex
The Trouble Man
Kid Montana 49 January 1965
  cover Ride Into Trouble! Outlaws Of The West 70 July 1968
  cover Bank Bandits Clash with Kid Montana Outlaws Of The West 75 May 1969
  cover The Bride is Death
The War Criminal of Abilene
Outlaws Of The West 76 July 1969
  cover Outlaws Of The West 78 November 1969
  cover Can He Live to Enjoy It?
The Endless Trail
Outlaws Of The West 79 January 1970