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Code Name
Black Fury

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Issue Cover Date
  cover Black Fury 1 May 1955
  cover Black Fury 7 December 1956
  cover Rebel in the Herd Black Fury 9 June 1957
  cover Black Fury 13 April 1958
  cover Black Fury 18 April 1959
  cover Paid in Full! Black Fury 21 October 1959
  cover The Silent Foe
Showdown at Furnace Creek
Black Fury 29 March 1961
  cover Sierra Storm
The Long Road
Black Fury 33 November 1961
  cover The Tenderfoot
Symbol of Victory
The Water Finder
Black Fury 37 August 1962
  cover Black Killer
Destroy Black Fury!
Black Fury 46 February 1964
  cover Time of Evil Black Fury 47 May 1964
  cover Man for the Gallows Black Fury 50 December 1964
  cover The Love of Fury! Black Fury 54 September 1965
  cover The Victims! Black Fury 55 November 1965
  cover Hell Canyon
Outcast King
A Friend in Need
Black Fury 57 March/April 1966